It's all about the Nature!


Every bud will bloom into a flower and every girl will bloom into a woman. At the age of 18, teen girls are becoming adults and naturally, they want to start seducing men. Just like buds blossoming into flowers, spreading petals and exposing the stamen, these human sprouts will take off their clothes, pose seductively and show the hidden secrets of their sexy little bodies. There is no better way to attract man's attention then to show up nude and girls know that. Like a gardener seduced by the beauty of blooming buds, you will be seduced by the beauty of real teens getting naked for the first time. But be patient, girls are still very young and shy about nudity and won't get naked right away. Oh yes, girls are also shy because their parents may find out what they are doing on the Internet, so please don't tell anyone.

Check this shy bud blooming into a flower. Poor little girl, she is still shy about showing up fully nude and afraid that her daddy may find out what she is doing on the Internet.

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Please note that all the statements below are absolutely true, no fancy marketing here, only the pure reality. It would be great if you can spend a few seconds to read the following and find out what is all about. Thanks in advance and hope to see you in the Garden.
® is a unique website, built with original idea in mind. All content is erotica of a decent kind and mainly related to teasing. At the same time, content is provocative and exciting in many different ways. Girls are real amateurs and they will eventually get naked for the first time in life. There is even an interesting catch: we never know how a girl will perform during the shoot or how far she will go in taking clothes off. It's all up to her and we are only discovering that matter.



   Our models are not professionals. They are ordinary nextdoor girls, sexy amateur teens, "wanna be" models. Furthermore, every single girl on this website is our discovery. They are all first-timers and none of them posed for the camera ever before. Finally, you can't see our models anywhere else, they are all exclusive to On the other side, we are happy to have such opportunity to shoot these modeling virgins and document their blooming into sexy young women.



   Girls are wearing their own clothes for shootings, have their usual hair style and do their makeup as they do every other day. In general, the complete outfit is a model's creation. The similar goes for shaving: if a girl is shaving her pussy regularly in private life, she shows up on photos shaved as well, or she has hairs fully grown or trimmed. Look of Shy Buds may be considered as "not fitting into commonly accepted vision of beauty", but we're proud of that. Our girls are natural and that's where the real beauty is. Don't expect to see dark tanned blondes pumped with silicone, artificially whitened teeth and fake face expressions. Our standards of beauty are different and you will be amazed with the natural beauty of real amateur girls.



   As the Shy Buds, girls are appearing in different outfits, exposing bodies more and more during the blooms (shootings). Even fully dressed they are becoming more attractive every day. Over the time girls are getting comfortable in front of the camera and eventually all clothes will be taken off. If a girl finally shows up naked, she becomes a grown up woman, just like a bud fully bloomed into a flower. Some of the Shy Buds may never fully bloom, while the others will end up nude and go even further to show you all the little secrets of their young bodies. To see these intimate places never shown to anyone else before, you have to become a Gardener, thus to subscribe as a member of



   Every photoset and video is an original work of art produced exclusively for®. You cannot find these photos and videos anywhere else, but here. Clothed or nudes, our pics and vids are offered to you for appreciation of a true teen amateurs and their beauty. We present you the pure reality, young girls trying themselves out in the modeling world.


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