Abeba is working as a fashion model. She is very tall, very slender and very busty. It's really unusual for a thin girl to have such a huge natural boobs, but hey, we're not complaining :))) If you are dreaming of a long legged, dark tanned, busty teen girl, then you have to see Abeba.

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She's exceptionally attractive, oriental type of girl and has a sweet personality, just like Asian girls from the Far East. We love her small mouth, perfect thin legs and beautiful round butt. Yasmin is one in a million: dresses like a teenager, her face is magical and her body is hot as hell.

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With such a mind blowing curves, blond hair and full lips, Iris could easily qualify as a Hollywood actress. Where are you producers, can't you see how sexy she is? Btw, Iris loves Miami and thinks it's the best city in the World. Also loves gambling, but wealthy gamblers even more :)

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Reviewed on November 8th, 2005.
Reviewer: S. V. Jensen
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